Tuition is CA$1,997 (US$1,600 approximately) with payment plans available; Classes are held on zoom and limited to a maximum of 10 students.
(One on One classes also available on request)Remote Viewing is an advanced communication skill in which the conscious and subconscious minds experience, on demand, moments of nonlocal awareness.What that means is that a remote viewer is able to get information about any object, person or event no matter if it is located inside the same room or 100,000 miles away; it can be above ground or underground, on the water or underwater, in the past, the present or even in the future!There is no need for any electronics or any special equipment; all you need once you learn the HRVG Methodology are a notebook, a pen, and a stack of white paper. (You can also use a tablet or e-paper device!)The HRVG Methodology is an advanced communication skill that can be learned by anyone from the comfort and privacy of their home!As you learn the methodology, you soon start realizing that its applications are limited only by your own imagination.You can use it to help you find missing objects, to assist you in making important decisions in your life, to help you choose what property to buy, to help those around you make more informed decisions, to research past events, to find lost treasures, to find out if someone is lying, to have a better understanding of a situation, to have a better understanding of yourself and the world around you!...and the list is virtually endless.The HRVG Methodology has been successfully used to forecast financial markets, for example. It has also been used to research future technologies, for marketing research, for video games development, to write fiction novels (Michael Crichton was a very accomplished remote viewer!) , even to find the perfect logo design for a company!By learning and following the carefully designed protocols researched and developed by the U.S. Special Forces, you will gain access to an unlimited source of information that has been unavailable to you...until now!

Why choose us?

Like any new skill, like a martial art, learning remote viewing requires discipline, study, and practice; as well as a positive and interactive learning experience.We teach our students in a group setting with a maximum of 10 students per virtual classroom, so that every student is able to ask questions and receive answers to them as they arise. One on one (through zoom) can be requested for an additional fee.The HRVG Methodology is not available through digital downloads of any kind, which means there are no videos, books, etc. available for instruction.We like to know our students, we want them to get proficient at this advanced communication skill, and we like to interact with them as they learn the methodology...and beyond!Once enrolled, our students have access to our online student platform, access to a private and specially-curated "target pool", unlimited access to our private HRVG TRAINING channel on the SIGNAL messaging system, unlimited individual access to the instructor through the messaging app, email, and zoom meeting, if required; Students also have access to the instructor through facebook messenger, iMessage, and sms messaging.Additionally, we offer recommended reading as well as continuing education through workshops specially designed to provide valuable tools to our students, which allows them to increase their knowledge of remote viewing and its applications in their personal and professional life.We believe that anyone serious about learning any new skill, needs professional instruction.The HRVG Methodology is only taught by certified instructors, which guarantees that the protocols our students learn are the same that were developed by the U.S. Special Forces, and not a spin-off or an adaptation of the original methodology, which would compromise its effectiveness.We make sure that our students understand and are able to apply this advanced communication skill in their life whether it is for personal or professional reasons.While in training, our students learn more about themselves, how their Subconscious mind works, how it communicates with them, how to increase that communication, how to understand it and how to translate it into a language that is understandable by their Conscious mind.At the end of the training, our students are able to use their newly learned skill confidently, knowing that we are here to support them in their journey and always willing to answer any questions that might arise in the process.We would like you to be a part of it!


OZZ SEVILLAHypnotist, Mentalist, Futurist, Certified HRVG Instructor, Certified Inner Vision Instructor (Sight without eyes), Professional Remote Viewer and Forecaster.He is Co-Founder of The Ascension Center for Higher Consciousness and of Probable Futures Consulting, a Canadian company offering remote viewing services and training.At The Ascension Center we offer training in the HRVG Methodology of remote viewing, and we also offer courses on how to establish an effective communication with our Subconscious and how to apply it to our personal and professional lives.We also offer Hypnotherapy certification training, Applied Remote Viewing Courses, Hypnosis recordings, Mindset training for Remote Viewers, and what we call "Enhanced Tracks", which are created through a proprietary process and designed to facilitate the communication between Conscious and Subconscious minds (Not Hemi-sync) which can be listened to with or without headphones.


Your interview for the HRVG Methodology Training is confirmed.This is a no-obligation interview in which I will answer any questions you might have about the training.You will receive a confirmation email shortly. In it you will find the zoom link for our meeting, it will be on the lower part of the email.I am looking forward to meeting you!Cheers,Ozz

What can you do with the HRVG Methodology?Browse through the gallery and discover some examples of how this amazing skill can help you...and those around you!Click on an image to see full-size.


STAGE 1• Subconscious vs Conscious communication
•Introduction to remote viewing
•Visual Ideograms
•Spontaneous Ideograms
The student will learn how the subconscious mind works, how it communicates with the conscious mind, how to facilitate that communication, and why it is important for remote viewing.By the end of this stage, the student will be able to understand the basic concepts of remote viewing, its application, how to communicate with the subconscious mind, and be able to perform basic remote viewing skills in obtaining low level gestalt data.

STAGE 2•S2 NIMO Playfair
•S2 Phonics
The student will learn how to strengthen Subconscious communication through the use of Neuro Linguistic Programming, to obtain higher level data.The student will be introduced to the Neuro Interrogation Mask Overlay and will learn how to use it to obtain accurate perceptual information.The student will also learn how to manage mental noise, which contaminates data.

STAGE 3•Site Sketch and Data Consolidation Matrix
•Rudimentary Time Line
In this stage, the student will learn how to compile all the data from previously worked protocols and assemble these into a comprehensive format for analysis.Students will also learn how to use the rudimentary timeline to obtain data from the past, present, or future.

At this stage, the student will learn how to obtain higher level awareness data using a 3 part protocol.

At this stage, the student will learn how to obtain higher level data.
By the end of the training the student will be able to confidently work a target by following the protocols learned during the training.

AVAILABLE ONLY FOR GRADUATES OF THE ASCENSION CENTERThis exclusive ruler design made in Serbia, created in conjunction with Nemanja Rilak, founder and creator of the INNERVISION system for eye-less sight, provides a way of keeping the flow of sessions without distracting the viewer.If you are a graduate student of The Ascension Center and would like to be the proud owner of this practical tool, please send an email to training@hrvgmethodology.com